From the CEO’s Desk

Thu 14 Mar 2019

RCCIWA Advocacy and Representation
One of the key roles RCCIWA plays is representing all of our members at every opportunity we can. We currently sit on several advisory committees and councils, by invitation or Ministerial appointment. We take these roles very seriously and utilise the information, feedback from and conversations with, all of our members to contribute a genuine regional perspective. We will contact you prior to each of these meetings to get your specific input, however if in reading these you have anything to raise please email me anytime on  Currently we are represented on the following:

Rural & Remote Education Advisory Council
Our long serving Executive Committee member, Mr Hugh Gallagher represents us on this council and it was a Cabinet appointed position. The terms of reference of the council are:

  • provide the Minister with evidence-based, and solution-focused strategic advice on education and training issues and developments in rural and remote areas of the State
  • provide specific strategic advice on the education services that give senior secondary students in rural and remote areas equitable opportunities for compulsory participation in education and training
  • advise about rural and remote community and consumer interests in education and training
  • ensure strategic advice is provided from a cross-sectoral perspective across the schools, training and higher education sectors and encompasses both public and private provision.

To find out more about this council, read here.

Economic Regulatory Authority Consumer Consultative Committee (ERACCC)
RCCIWA was asked to be represented on ERACC and I am the nominated person performing this role. My first meeting was last Thursday and it was great to see an engaged and well informed group of people in attendance. The ERACCC was established to:

  • provide comment to the Authority on issues affecting consumers that fall within the scope of the Authority’s administration of the Economic Regulation Act 2003 (the Act);
  • provide tangible outcomes for consumers through work that members undertake in partnership with other members and the Authority.

The Authority wants to ensure its communication and compliance strategies meet the needs of consumers. Participation in the group will allow members to inform the Authority about issues that impact on both the groups they represent and consumers. For more info about the ERACC read here.

Telstra Regional Advisory Committee
I represent RCCIWA on the Telstra Regional Advisory Council of WA, which was formed in late 2017. As you can imagine – we have a great deal to contribute. We have our first meeting for 2019 at the end of this month. The purpose of this council is to:

  • Help ensure Telstra meets the needs of rural and regional stakeholders and customers
  • Provide input into the activities and plans of Telstra where they involve regional and rural communities
  • Bring to Telstra’s attention important issues facing rural and regional people and communities
  • Deepen understanding of the opportunities, risks and implications of new communications technologies
  • Identify and support relevant network co-investment opportunities

​I do already have some good information and regional issues to bring to the meeting on March 29th, however please email me if you have any relevant feedback you would like me to pass on.

WA Local Government Act Review Reference Group
I represent RCCIWA on this reference group and have been doing so since June 2017. A review of the LG Act of WA is something that happens every 25 years or so. It is vital that we contribute the feedback and perspectives of all regional business communities, as it is usually Local Government that has the most immediate impact on businesses each and every day. The role of the Reference Group is to provide:

  • expert comment on the consultation paper before release
  • feedback on drafted Act amendments
  • advice on any relevant matters that arise

​For more information about the review read here.

CCIWA General Council
I have represented RCCIWA on CCIWA’s General Council since November 2009. This group is the policy discussion group of CCIWA made up of representatives of their membership as well as their board members. We meet every two months, and it is great forum for RCCIWA to contribute genuine regional perspectives and views to assist in CCIWA’s policy work. The main duty of the General Council is to:

  • It shall be the duty of the General Council to establish the public policy framework and the policy priorities of the Chamber and to co-ordinate the activities of the Policy Forums as far as possible to secure unanimity of purpose and action on all matters within the objects and powers of the Chamber.  The General Council may subject to these Rules do all things necessary to attain the objects or exercise the powers of the Chamber subject to the powers of the Board.

​For more info about CCIWA read here.