"I would like to compliment the Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry for not only your unwavering pursuit of a better deal for regional businesses, but recognising the need to further develop the social and community fabric of regional WA as fundamental to the growth and development of vibrant liveable regional centres.

You remained a steady and strong advocate for regional businesses in defending significant investment initiatives like “Royalties for Regions” in contrast to the city based Chamber’s centralist viewpoint. Keep up the regional voice no matter how hard the going seems to get, because it is through your endeavours that we get the changes needed to make regional WA a better place to live, visit and invest."

Terry Redman MLA - Member for Warren-Blackwood; Previous Minister for Regional Development

"Being a member of RCCIWA has been a fantastic support network for OCCI as we have grown over the last 4 years, we definitely value the discussions with Kitty as well as with all other Regional Chambers. It is fantastic to have a group of people you can run ideas and suggestions by and also a fantastic resource to gain thorough knowledge and experience rather than re-inventing the wheel."

Chantelle King - CEO, Onslow CCI

"Regional small business is the very lifeblood of our community. Small business creates the majority of employment and underpins every regional community. It is for this reason that small business needs a champion to ensure that their interests are protected and maintained. Membership of the local Chamber of Commerce and the Regional Chambers of Commerce ensures that small business has a champion in their corner who will ensure that their interests are represented at the highest level. RCCI WA are creditable, professional, Influential and accessible and every small business in WA should be a member."

Stephen Moir - Group CEO, Motor Trade Association WA & MTA WA’s Automotive Institute of Technology

"The Narrogin Chamber of Commerce recognises that membership of the RCCI gives them a voice that as a small country chamber they would not normally have. Kitty has been an invaluable support to our administration officer and the two meetings held in Perth including the one day at Parliament House give both large and small chambers a chance to network and remind those in the big smoke that we are worth listening to!"

Kerry Bryant - Executive Officer, Narrogin Chamber of Commerce

"Being a member of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry enables all the regional chambers to have a central point of connectivity.  The RCCIWA gives a “voice” to the regions and also provides a network for the collaboration of ideas and concepts to assist each region for the benefit of their members."

Russ Clark -  CEO, Albany CCI

"Our connection with RCCIWA gives our Wheatbelt businesses a larger voice and connection to the decision makers. It also provides an opportunity for our Committee and staff to network, learn from and share ideas and initiatives with other rural Chambers of Commerce which ultimately builds a stronger regional business environment and makes regional WA a great place to do business.”

Caroline Robinson -  Executive Officer,  Wheatbelt Business Network