The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) is the only Western Australian Government agency that is purely focused on the development of the small business sector. Since it was founded in 1984 the agency has actively worked with all regional Chambers, offering support, guidance and information, and being a genuinely engaged contributor.

Our CEO, Kitty Prodonovich has been a board member of the SBDC since 2008 and currently holds the position of Chair; this has helped maintain a strong relationship between our organisations. It also ensures that regional business communities have an opportunity to provide input to Government policy decisions that affect small business.

The SBDC presents the annual Western Australian Regional Small Business Awards that reward and recognise regional business successes. This award is a collaboration between our two organisations and is seen as one of the true highlights of the annual regional business calendar.

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The RCCIWA and CCIWA are long term collaborators who are striving to ensure the voice of all businesses is heard and represented in the public and political arena. CCIWA have generously supported the RCCIWA for many years providing advice and information as well as meeting and office facilities.  Our CEO has an office space to utilise in the CCIWA building, which enables a conduit of information to flow in both directions to ensure regional views are included in CCIWA policy work and that the resources of CCIWA can be accessed easily by regional Chamber members.

Our CEO, Kitty Prodonovich has also been a member of CCIWA’s General Council since 2009 which gives input on policy direction for CCIWA, and gives yet another opportunity for the regional issues to be championed. Our two organisations work very closely together to ensure that all business communities in the state can get on with the job of doing business.

In recent times CCIWA has also worked closely with individual Chambers to develop a “One-On-Many” membership partnership with that Chamber that sees all of their members become members of CCIWA directly. To date 17 of our member Chambers have entered into this membership which is working extremely well as it gives all of the local business access to the resources and professional services of CCIWA.

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Telstra Countrywide has been a fantastic supporter of the RCCIWA for well over a decade in many ways, not least of which by providing a teleconference facility at no charge. What this means is that each and every month our members are able to join in on the regional conversation at no cost to them to discuss issues and share information. This has been an invaluable networking tool to be able to offer our members as it gives them immediate access to their Chamber peers and connects them to ideas, solutions and the broader Chamber network. Thank you Telstra Countrywide.

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