From the CEO’s Desk

Fri 26 Feb 2021

RCCIWA Stakeholder Engagement & Representation
It continues to be a busy time, and the first two months of 2021 has seen RCCIWA representing our members in many different ways:

  • Attended the Master Builders Association of WA’s Economic Lunch with a panel of guest speakers including the Hon Ben Wyatt MLA
  • Participated as a member of the External Stakeholder Reference Group for Infrastructure WA
  • Foodservice & Hospitality Working Group – continued to contribute to this State Government formed Working Group (one of about 22) which is a part of the Government recovery program. A particularly important way to ensure the issues and challenges of our members are being voiced and heard. This is a very responsive working group.
  • Participated as a member of the Telstra Regional Advisory Council meeting, which are held each quarter. Was able to take direct feedback from members – thanks to all of our members who contributed issues and feedback.
  • Participated as a member of the Western Australian Advocacy for Consumers of Energy (WA ACE) Forum which meets every two months.
  • Met with Michael Beaton to discuss the METS digital mining Hub, being planned by Austmine.
  • Attended the WA Australia Day Launch event
  • Facilitated monthly RCCIWA Members Online Meetings
  • Facilitated monthly Working Together Online Meetings
  • Invited to take part in a briefing by the Hon Paul Papalia CSC MLA on the introduction of Mandatory Contact Registers.

RCCIWA Info Sharing – Member Record Management
One of the operational questions we are asked about regularly is what type of CRM’s or members record system is best. Our members all use a variety of programs and platforms for their record management, with some have their own bespoke program. There is no one system used by all, as the needs and size of our members varies so much. An excel spreadsheet also still does the job very effectively. We asked our members for feedback on the system they use and you will find a summary of the feedback we have had to date here.

The Small Business Development Corporation – An Excellent Resource
The SBDC is such an invaluable resource for a all information for small businesses in Western Australia. We would encourage you to share their website and blog with your members as the information, workshops and updates are always relevant and practical. A few examples of sought after information from the SBDC  below:

  • Tap into the WA Pipeline of Work
    The WA Government has announced a new Pipeline of Work for upcoming infrastructure and economic stimulus projects, with opportunities for small and local businesses to tender.
  • Does your business need a capability statement?
    Whether you’re looking to win new clients, grow your business by submitting requests for tender or market your business better, a capability statement can help. Visit the Small Business Development Corporation’s website to download their free capability statement template and how to guide.
  • How to win government contracts and tenders
    The government sector can be a lucrative source of tenders and contracts for small business. Find out how to put your best foot forward when applying for government tenders with these tips from the Small Business Development Corporation. 

RCCIWA Administrative Items

  • Emmi Taylor is currently updating our membership contact list. If you have any changes to your contacts or would like to add any people, please email Emmi at
  • Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and share our page with your members.
  • Please also let us know about any activities, initiatives or events you would like us to include in our weekly newsletter. We love showcasing a great idea, program or event that one of our members is delivering. If you have something you would like us to share – please send through the details to Emmi.
  • Any events you would like added to our events calendar on our website. If you have a specific logo for that event -could you also send that through, and we will include it.
  • Our member portal is live – so please send through any operational documents you are happy to share with your fellow members to Emmi at