Media Statement

Thu 23 Jun 2022

Regional Chambers of Commerce & Industry of WA (RCCI WA) misrepresented by WA Forest Alliance

CEO of the Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry of WA (RCCI WA), Ms Kitty Prodonovich categorically refutes all association with the opinion piece published by The West Australian and written by Jess Beckerling, Convenor at the WA Forest Alliance.  The same article was also featured on the Conservation Council of WA website.

“Until yesterday, we had never heard of, spoken to, or corresponded with Ms Beckerling, or the WA Forest Alliance,” Prodonovich said.

“The facts are, we do not support this organisation, we do not share their view, and to say otherwise is a blatant misrepresentation of the truth,” she added.

“It simply isn’t credible to state – as Ms Beckerling did in the West Australia yesterday – that we have a shared view or in any way support the organisation she speaks for,” Ms Prodonovich said.

Ms Prodonovich said she became alerted to the article when she started to receive complaints from members and stakeholders about the article, and their so-called supportive position.

The opinion piece written by Ms Beckerling states (in part):

This is a view shared by business leaders in the South West. The Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA; the Pemberton Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Noongar Chamber of Commerce and Industry have all called for protections of our native forests. This desire for change is not prescriptive, but comes from each organisations’ members, who insist that the survival of our native forests is crucial to the well being of their businesses.

According to RCCI WA, this is not true and is misleading conduct by the WA Forest Alliance.

“We take this situation seriously. The WA Forest Alliance is ‘passing off’ our reputation and our members’ reputations. There is no affiliation, and we have no shared view with this organisation,” she said.

“To drop our organisations name into this published article infringes our reputation.  We do not endorse what has been written,” Prodonovich states.

The Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry demands Ms Beckerling, the WAFA and its affiliated organisations, publish this statement, as a retraction.  To clearly state that we do not support the published position.  This retraction is to be published across all platforms where the article is featured. RCCI WA also expects a written apology, that we can share with our concerned members and those that have contacted us.

Once this has been actioned, RCCI WA expects no further reference to their organisation in any way on any medium, now and in the future.


Media contact: Kitty Prodonovich 0438 913 303