Working Together - Connecting Businesses and Young Aboriginal people in the Workplace

Tue 22 Aug 2017

Working together is a dedicated services with a focus to provide information, support and advice to business owners and operators in the Goldfields, South West, East Kimberley, Midwest and Great Southern Regions to attract, recruit and retain young Aboriginal Employees. Working in collaboration with their local Aboriginal Workforce Development Centres, Working Together aims to expand work opportunities for young local Aboriginal people by talking with and educating local businesses. It is about delivering local jobs for local people.

Funded by the Department of Training and Workforce Development with support from Royalties for Regions,  RCCIWA is proud to be delivering this program in five regions by utilizing the expertise, network and knowledge of the Chamber of Commerce in those regions. This unique delivery model ensures that the program is being delivered by locals for locals, with the advantage of being a part of a well-supported regional network. Now is its second year, Working Together is making a positive impact by helping businesses with information, support and training, as well as connecting them with lcoal young aboriginal people.

Through a combination of one-on-one meetings with business owners, events, up to date information and cultural workshops our Working Together co-ordinators are assisting regional businesses to be able to offer work experience, work placements, trainees and apprenticeships to young Aboriginal people, with the drive being to connect business and young Aboriginal people in the workplace.

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