From the CEO’s Desk

Fri 12 Mar 2021

RCCIWA Executive Committee Meeting Wrap Up

On Friday February 26th we held our first RCCIWA Executive Committee meeting for the year. It was great to have the executive all together in one place as we set the direction and plans for 2021. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to travel to Perth so we could all meet in person, as well as for your enthusiastic contributions and commitment to RCCIWA. The 2021 RCCIWA Executive Committee members are:

Ron Mosby                  President

David Lantzke              Vice President

Simone de Been          Treasurer

Andrew McKerrell       Executive Committee Member

Elaine Jolliffe              Executive Committee Member

Kitty Prodonovich        CEO

Our theme for this year is Connection. It might be our connection with our members, our members with each other, keeping engaged with stakeholders and always ensuring our connect with all three tiers of Government remains strong and positive so that all of our members have a channel and a voice. We have plenty of plans in place and look forward sharing those with you and working with our members throughout the year. Some of the activities we are working on include:

  • Members first always in everything we do
  • The first RCCIWA Members Forum un June 2021
  • A possible RCCIWA Summit in November 2021
  • A comprehensive regional economic survey, with localised results
  • Further corporate membership opportunities for RCCIWA
  • Starting work on our next strategic planning workshops. Current strategic plan here if you would like to have a read.

So, like all of our members – another very busy year ahead – we cant wait!

RCCIWA Info Sharing – Member Record Management
One of the operational questions we are asked about regularly is what type of CRM’s or members record system is best. Our members all use a variety of programs and platforms for their record management, with some have their own bespoke program. There is no one system used by all, as the needs and size of our members varies so much. An excel spreadsheet also still does the job very effectively. We asked our members for feedback on the system they use and you will find a summary of the feedback we have had to date here.

RCCIWA Members - Update your Information
To assist us with keeping our website and communications as up to date as possible can you please send to Emmi at the following:

  • Any changes to your contact details, particularly following your AGM. Please also let Emmi know if you have any committee members or general members that you would like added to the newsletter and we will pop them on the distribution list.
  • Your new logo if you have refreshed or changed it recently.
  • Any activities, initiatives or events you would like us to include in our weekly newsletter. You will notice that we like to include member showcases in our newsletter that features a great idea, program or event that  our members are delivering. If you have something you would like us to share – please send through the details to Emmi at
  • Any events you would like added to the events calendar on our website. If you have a specific logo for that event -could you also send that through, and we will include it.

RCCIWA Website Members Only Resource Portal
Just a reminder that as a RCCIWA Member you have access our resource library that contains a wide variety of documents from all of our members. This is a great reference point to refer to when planning events, setting up polices or updating your own collateral. Please email Emmi if you need access to the portal. We are regularly uploading documents however to keep it current, could you please email Emmi at any documents that you are happy to share with your fellow members. We will assume if you send it to us that you are happy for us to upload this on the members only access section of our website. Please send in pdf format (and in the smallest size you can), documents such as:

  • Your Constitution
  • Your Strategic or Operational Plans
  • Membership Forms, Membership prospectus
  • Member Benefits flyer
  • BAH information
  • Sponsorship information
  • Directory information
  • Business Awards Information
  • Job and Position Descriptions, HR documents
  • Events information
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Committee Induction pack